Bus Stop 23 modern nativity script and score  

'Wonderful songs, the kids loved it!'

"Bus Stop 23 is the best natvity we have put on. Wonderful songs, great story. The kids loved it!”
Jim Bewley, Coventry


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Nativity play for children set in the present has "inspirational Christmas message"


What would happen if Jesus was born today, to everyday parents in a modern town or city?

Our popular musical nativity play for children and young people, Bus Stop 23, imagines such an extraordinary happening.

Put on a wonderful nativity

It tells the Christmas story as happening today, with Jesus born in a bus shelter late one winter's night, and the impact it has on the lives of ordinary people.

Mary is a cleaner and Joseph a plumber. They are returning from visiting friends and waiting for the night bus 23 to take them on their final journey home.

Something extraordinary and wonderful happens that night. The bus doesn't arrive. But a tiny child does.

Inspire children and young people

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a dazzling host of angels appear to a group of late night garage mechanics, "doing repairs, watching over and tending their vehicles."

The angels tell them to follow the neon light to the other side of town, where something amazing has happened.

The wise men take the form of town councillors at a late night meeting in the town hall.

They, too, get a visit from the heavenly throng, and make their way to where the newborn child has been placed "in an empty finger-lickin' good fried chicken box" for warmth.

Meanwhile, Mary holds the newborn baby Jesus in her arms against a backdrop of stars. She sings a song of love and hope for him, with a glimpse of what the future holds.

Bring the Christmas message alive

The whole company sings the uplifting modern carol "Let him in", with the congregation/audience invited to join in the final celebration.

"Bus Stop 23 is a wonderful, moving, fresh take on the Christmas story - the kids loved doing it!"   Jill Nicholls, Cardiff

It is suitable for all ages, and available in Junior (8 to 11 years) and Senior (12 to 18 years) versions. When ordering, please specify which version you would like.


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Our promise

“A proven Christmas nativity play for children that inspires young people, delights audiences and congregations and raises the roof wherever it is performed.”

“If a nativity fails to deliver, we will refund the purchase price in full.”

singing its praises

It manages to be very simple and very deep at the same time. It is beautiful and made our Christmas very special. Thank you.”

Mark Cooper, Manchester