Bus Stop 23 modern nativity script and score  

'Wonderful songs, the kids loved it!'

"Bus Stop 23 is the best natvity we have put on. Wonderful songs, great story. The kids loved it!”
Jim Bewley, Coventry


Download nativitity play script now

Put on a magical modern school nativity play this Christmas!

Children and young people love performing Bus Stop 23, the popular modern school nativity play with inspirational story and songs.

Bus Stop 23 is:

  • easy to produce
  • available with high quality backing tracks
  • faithful to the Christian message, but with a fresh approach
  • suitable for all ages
  • available in both junior school and senior school versions.
Modern school nativity play with a difference

Bus Stop 23 was produced and televised in full on BBC1 a few Christmases ago. With its fresh approach and contemporary setting, it never fails to surprise and delight wherever it is performed.

Create excitement and wonder

Its imaginative retelling of the timeless Christmas story creates a sense of excitement and wonder. It will, too, when you put it on at your school this Christmas!

Needs only basic props 

All you need to put on Bus Stop 23 are a few simple props.

"Bus Stop 23 is a superb modern school nativity. It brings the Christmas message alive with its simplicity, freshness and wonderful music!" 
Sue Simmons, London



Our promise

“A proven school nativity that inspires young performers, delights audiences and raises the roof wherever it is performed.”

“If a it fails to deliver, we will refund the purchase price in full.”

singing its praises When the children put on Bus Stop 23 nativity play, it was a complete revelation. No one had any idea what was coming - staff at the school were utterly amazed!”Keith Berry, deputy head, Colton Hills School, Wolverhampton