Bus Stop 23 modern nativity script and score  

'Wonderful songs, the kids loved it!'

"Bus Stop 23 is the best natvity we have put on. Wonderful songs, great story. The kids loved it!”
Jim Bewley, Coventry


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What people say about Limelight nativity plays and school musicals

Comments received from, performers, producers and members of the audience - following a Limelight production


"When the children put on Bus Stop 23 nativity play it was a revelation. No one had any idea what was coming - staff at the school were utterly amazed!”

   Keith Berry, deputy head teacher, Colton Hills School, Wolverhampton

"Thank you for a wonderful nativity. The kids loved performing it and the grown ups were absolutely knocked out!”
   Grace Hadley, Sevenoaks, Kent

"It manages to be very simple and very deep at the same time. It is beautiful and made our Christmas very special. Thank you.”

   Mark Cooper, Manchester

"The songs are wonderful! We have also used them in assemblies over Christmas. Moving, involving, funny and uplifting."
   Sarah Partington, Wimbledon

“Wicked show!” 
   Ben M, Faversahm, Kent

"Wonderful Songs!"

"Dazzle! is the best musical we have put on since Joseph. It's a fab, feel-good show with wonderful songs and a great story!"
   Liz Atkinson, Bransgore

“I wanted to play Sarkky, as she is such a brilliant character. I got the part. Completely wicked!”
   Francesca Bunion, Heathtown, West Midlands

"Our production of Dazzle! was amazing. People were just amazed. The story and characters are fantastic. I will remember it for the rest of my life."
   Pip Alderton, Clapham, London

 “Thank you for a massive, beasty show. My mum and dad and all my friends haven’t stopped talking about it ever since!”
   Kat Jones, Glasgow

“It's a fantastic show. The kids loved it - everyone is still singing the songs four months after!” 
   P Faulkner, Wooten, King's Lynn

"Fantastic play"

 “What a fantastic play!!!”
   Anne Pendry, headteacher, Croydon

“When I grow up I want to be Murgatroyd Megarich and buy the Dazzle Bay fun palace!!! Thanks for a fab show.”
   Leon J, King’s Lynne

“It is the best show in the world!!!”
   K Fenshaw, Cambridge

“Thank you for an uplifting, happy, ungforgettable show. I want to do it again and again...!!”
   Janet Harvey, teacher, Stevenage

"Greatest ever!"

“I’ll never forget Poptastic! It was the best time ever.”
   Laura Dennis , Cardiff

“We can't stop singing the songs. We are driving my mum and dad mad!”
   Briony and Philippa Norman, Birmingham

“Great show. Can’t wait for next year and to see what we are doing next. I want to try for a main part, if I can get one.”
   Sam Fellows, Liverpool

“More please, Mr Bailey. Andrew Lloyd-Webber, watch out!”
   Beth Harvey, Oxford, UK

“It was the first show we have put on at the school. I was more than a little nervous at how it would go down. But it went like a dream. The children were completely up for it. I have never seen a reaction like it from the audience at a school musical - they were standing up, clapping and dancing and in the aisles.”
   Malcolm Timms, drama teacher, Telford

"Marvellous school musical"

“We sold toffee apples and candy floss during the interval. It was great fun and a marvellous school musical.”
   Jen Fenshaw, Leeds

“I love this show. More, more, more!!!”
   Jessica M, Tunbridge Wells

“My mum and dad couldn’t believe what I did – they hadn’t seen me on stage before.”
   Steve Dinnage, Merseyside

“Our show got in the local paper – they sent a photographer. It was on the front page!!!”
   Seema K, Haxted

“You would never know it was our children – they were completely transformed by the show and being on stage. It was a complete eye-opener, in terms of what they were capable of.”
   S Prosser, Shillingford, Oxford


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