Bus Stop 23 modern nativity script and score  

'Wonderful songs, the kids loved it!'

"Bus Stop 23 is the best natvity we have put on. Wonderful songs, great story. The kids loved it!”
Jim Bewley, Coventry


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Meet the cast from Bus Stop 23  -             the inspiring musical nativity play

There are ten speaking parts and plenty of singing parts in the host of heavenly angels in this christmas musical nativity.

Mary: Against a backdrop of stars, Mary sings to her newborn baby. She expresses her love for him, and her hopes and fears for the future.

Ann Marriott as Mary in the Bus Stop 23 nativity musical play

She sings: "As you grow I will love you, always thinking of you. One day I know you must leave, but I won't grieve. For the world needs a saviour, no time off for good behaviour. But until your time I'll stay, right here, by your side."

Joseph and Mary wait at the bus stop, in the popular nativity play Bus Stop 23Joseph, a trainee plumber, waits with Mary in the bus shelter for the arrival of the number 23 bus. As the amazing events of that night unfold, he is a quiet tower of strength.


Sam sings in Bus Stop 23 musical nativity playSam is an all-night garage mechanic who is convinced that what the angels tell them is true. All he has to do now is convince his pals! He sings his heart out in "Why don't you believe me?!"

The all-night car mechanics from Bus Stop 23 nativity playBill and George are Sam's friends in the all-night garage. They are skeptical about the angels' visit. "Maybe it was a bunch of students from the college having a laugh?", says one. Over to Sam to persuade them!

Welshy - the lead angel - from Bus Stop 23 nativity playWelshy is the lead angel of the heavenly host, as they spend a busy night shuttling between heaven and earth, spreading the good news of Jesus' birth. She's plucky, and dances with one of the mechanics during one visit in this Christmas musical.

Meanwhile, back in heaven in Bus Stop 23 nativity playPunky angel is a bit of a rebel, and complains about all the unpaid overtime, spreading the news of the saviour's birth. It takes a host of heavenly angels to persuade her to stay and not defect!

Head of the council in Bus Stop 23 nativity playMr W, head of the council, is visited by the heavenly angels, and only becomes interested when he finds out that Jesus is to be born in his ward. Then, he is on to it like a shot...!

Mrs H rom the nativity play Bus Stop 23Mrs H is a colleague of Mr W on the town council. She has strong views on the colour of the cups for the council canteen. Then, the angels arrive.


Mr C from Bus Stop 23 nativity playMr C is a bit of a toady, and latches onto his colleagues' coat tails.

Heavenly angels dance in Bus Stop 23 nativity play

The host of heavenly angels shuttle between heaven and earth, spreading the news of the saviour's birth. They sing, they dance - they dazzle in this Christmas musical.


Heavenly host of angels from Bus Stop 23 nativity

When the angels appear to the astonished car mechanics and town councillors, they tell them they are real angels, the genuine article, and nothing to do with "Charlie"!


Narrator in Bus Stop 23 nativity playThe narrator is a late night traffic warden, who links the scenes as the story unfolds - and heaven and earth hold their breath.


Tried and trusted script and great songs

With a tried and trusted script, great songs and a story suitable for all ages, Bus Stop 23 is the perfect Christmas musical nativity play for your school or church.

"Bus Stop 23 is great! Everyone was amazed! The songs are fantastic!"  Adam Partington, London


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“Proven musical nativity play that inspires children and young people, delights audiences and raises the roof wherever it is performed.”

“If a show fails to deliver, we will refund the purchase price in full.”

singing its praises

The kids loved doing Bus Stop 23. It created a very special atmosphere in our school.”

Phil Tranter, Buckingham